Wanting a custom farm or dining table for your home or a conference table for your commercial location but not sure where to start?  We’re here to help!  If we haven’t answered all of your questions, please feel free to call or contact us via the form below.

Where are you located?

We are located in Gainesville, GA about 45 min. outside of Atlanta.  We list Atlanta as our main service area because most of our clients are located in Atlanta.

Do you have a showroom?

We build each door to our client’s specification and do not have a showroom at this time.

What kind of wood are your tables made of?

Most of our doors are made from furniture grade pine lumber that is moisture tested however we can build from any type of wood.

How do I select a finish?

We offer a wide variety of stained, painted and specialty finishes.  More information can be found here: Selecting Your Finish

How long does it take to make a table?

Tables take about 4 weeks from start to finish including lumber selection.  New designs can take a lot longer because we are perfectionist and want your table to not only perfect, but beautiful and well built through the design.  To get an idea about our current leadtime, check out project calendar:  Project Calendar

Do offer delivery services?

We do offer delivery services throughout Georgia, most of Tennessee, South and North Carolina, Alabama, and the northern part of Florida.  You can check our rates here: Delivery Services

Do you offer out of state shipping services?

We are working on that right now!  Please check back with us!

Additional questions?  Please contact us!

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